Pension Fund Management Solution

Pension Fund Management Solution

Our pension fund management solution offers a comprehensive and efficient solution for managing a provident fund. It is designed to make the process easier and more convenient for both employers and employees while also providing valuable features and benefits.




Easy setup and management
Realtime notifications
Regulatory compliance
Secure and reliable technology
24/7 support


Online portal
Investments monitoring
Pension plan tools
Loan Management
Reports & statements
State of the art platform

State of the art platform

User experience is very important to us. We put a lot of effort to have the best possible user interface with meaningful content. Prosperus have a mobile friendly UI giving you the freedom to access from any device.

Reports & Statements

Reports & Statements

It is incredibly important that the financial reports are accurate and produced in a timely fashion. We designed powerful and modern reports & statements that will satisfy even the most demanding customers.


Save time & money

Save time and money for employers and employees


Fully complied with all applicable laws and directives of the EU


Improve employee satisfaction and retention


Help employees achieve their retirement goals


Increase transparency and accountability

Pension Calculator

Pension Calculator

The Pension calculator is a simulation, which shows you the amount of money that will accumulate in your account at retirement. You can calculate the lump-sum amount, which includes both your contribution and the employer’s contribution, along with the accrued interest on the investment

Transparency and Accountability

Transparency and Accountability

Employees enjoy the transparency of their investments with an intuitive view that help them understand the underlying risks. Having visibility reduces anxious and makes possible early corrections to the course of their pension investment.